PAPE Approved as an OpenID Specification

The OpenID Foundation membership has approved OpenID Provider Authentication Policy Extension 1.0 as an OpenID specification by a vote of forty-two to three, with seven abstentions. This is a significant development for the OpenID community for two reasons…

OpenID Board Election Results

I’m pleased to report that 175 out of 217 eligible members voted in the election for OpenID Foundation community board members. The election results (listing candidates and number of votes received) are as follows: Elected to serve 2-year terms: Snorri Giorgetti 106 Nat Sakimura 89 Chris Messina 76 David Recordon 76 Elected to serve 1-year […]

Member Vote to Approve the PAPE Specification

The 60 day public review of the Provider Authentication Policy Extension (PAPE) Specification draft is complete.  No comments were received that the working group believed required changes to the draft specification.  Therefore, it is the recommendation of the PAPE working group that the membership approve the draft as an OpenID specification, per the OpenID IPR Procedures.  […]

OpenID Foundation Board of Director Election Now Open

The first OpenID Foundation election of community board members opened on December 10th. All members of the OpenID Foundation are eligible to vote for candidates. If you are not already a member of the OpenID Foundation, you can join as an individual member for $25/year. There are 17 candidates running for a total of seven […]

OpenID Foundation Board of Director Nominations Open

The OpenID Foundation is holding its first election of community board members. All members of the OpenID Foundation are eligible to nominate themselves, second the nominations of others who self-nominated, and vote for candidates. If you’re not already a member of the OpenID Foundation, we encourage you to join. Board participation requires a substantial ongoing […]

Barack Obama’s Adds OpenID Commenting

As first reported by ReadWriteWeb, President-elect Obama’s website now supports OpenID sign in for commenting on certain blog posts and sections of their site. uses Intense Debate to power their comment who recently relaunched with OpenID support.  As ReadWriteWeb wrote: Every other major player that has announced support for OpenID has in fact […]

User Experience, Attribute Exchange and MapQuest

Last month at the first Content Provider Advisory Committee meeting in New York, several media companies and affinity groups identified two desired areas for improvement around OpenID: the user experience as it reaches mainstream adoption and the increased ability to exchange profile information given user consent. Since then, the OpenID Foundation, its members and the […]

OpenID Japan Launches with 32 Member Companies

The OpenID Foundation is pleased to share that OpenID Japan has launched with 32 members including merchants, portals, educational institutions, insurance companies, manufacturing companies, airlines, and banks. This announcement is significant for several reasons: The number and breadth of industries represented by the new members The use of OpenID by member companies for commercial transactions […]

Microsoft and Google announce OpenID support

This is a historic week for OpenID. Google and Microsoft announced the release of code to support OpenID 2.0 across their most important properties. On Monday, Microsoft, announced OpenID 2.0 support for their 460 million users on the LiveID platform. On Wednesday Google said it will be supporting OpenID 2.0 for any user that has […]

PAPE Specification Review Period Commencing

The OpenID Provider Authentication Policy Extension (PAPE) Working Group recommends approval of PAPE Draft 7 as an OpenID Specification.  The draft is available at these locations:   This note starts the 60 day public review period for the specification draft in accordance with the OpenID Foundation IPR policies and procedures.  This review period […]