Yearly Archives: 2007

OpenID Intellectual Property Policy Approved 8

Its taken us months of effort but I’m happy to announce that the OpenID Foundation has finalized its intellectual property policy and process. During the 12/13/2007 OpenID Foundation board meeting, we approved the IP policy and process documents. The gist of this means that we have a process in place […]

OpenID 2.0…Final(ly)! 95

While its certainly been a long process in the making, we’re now quite excited to announce OpenID Authentication 2.0 and OpenID Attribute Exchange 1.0 as final specifications (“OpenID 2.0”). This morning was the closing day of the Internet Identity Workshop and David Recordon, Dick Hardt, and Josh Hoyt (three of […]

Provider Asserton Policy Extension – Draft 2 5

We’ve just published Draft 2 of the OpenID Provider Assertion Policy Extension which replaces Draft 1 from July of this year. This draft adds clarifications to the spec and builds on implementation experiences from JanRain, Sxip, and VeriSign. The main goal of PAPE is to allow OpenID Relying Parties the […]

Welcome to the new OpenID Site! 29

Scott Kveton and I have spent today out in the sunny Tulsa, Oklahoma offices of Vidoop working with their team on a gigantic update to As you can see, we’ve touched just about every part of the site. The theme is upgraded, content reorganized and rewritten, no longer using […]