Native Applications WG Status

Note: The scope is to be approved at the first meeting.

The OpenID Process and the Current Status

Current position is in BOLD RED

  • Initial IPR Contribution Agreements Collection and planning for the first WG meeting
  • The First WG Meeting (TBD)
  • Adoption of the Working Draft (TBD)
  • Working Draft (TBD)
  • 45 days Implementer’s Draft Review Period (TBD – TBD)
  • Implementer’s Draft Voting (TBD – TBD)
  • Implementer’s Draft (TBD)
  • Feedback on Implementer’s Drafts (TBD)
  • 60 days Final Review Period (TBD – TBD)
  • Final Voting (TBD – TBD)
  • OIDF Standard (TBD)