**New** PHR to EHR Simplified Sequence Diagram

Restful Interface Profile
Introduction to OAUTH and OpenID Connect
UMA for HEART 2015-02-09
UMA custodian thoughts 2015-03-09
Venn technology decision tree
GTRI-Trustmark Presentation April 2015

Google Working Docs

Use Case Template
Alice Registers With PCP
Elderly Mom with Family Caregiver
Patient Authorizes Clinical Research

Initial Use Cases

Multiple Portals
Virtual Patient Registration
Post-MI Implant and Rehab
VA Secure RESTful Use Case
Patient Data for Clinical and Research Purposes
PCP First Appointment


  • IdP = identity provider
  • RP = relying party
  • user = user trying to achieve single sign-on (SSO)
  • RO = resource owner (user trying to achieve controlled sharing – could be same as SSO user)
  • AS = authorization server (could be the same as IdP)
  • RS = resource server (could be the same as AS)
  • C = client
  • RqP = requesting party (user trying to achieve authorized access – could be same as RO)