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From the Executive Director: Introducing Amanda Richardson

This is to re-introduce a colleague in the OpenID community; Amanda Richardson. Some of you worked with Amanda when she was a volunteer project manager for last year’s OIDF website redesign. She’s back as a part time OIDF blog curator and content wrangler. Daniel Jacobson, Chair of the Adoption Committee, championed the idea of aggregating […]

OpenID Relying Party Adoption - Jan 2009

2008: Momentum 12

2008 was an awesome year for OpenID where the community created significant momentum moving toward mainstream adoption. No, not every site on the web is using OpenID nor does every consumer know what OpenID does, but last year alone the number of sites that accept OpenID for sign in more than tripled. Today, there are over thirty-thousand publicly accessible sites supporting OpenID for sign in and well over half a billion OpenID enabled accounts.