OpenID Foundation Summits

2011 OIDF Summits

OpenID Foundation summits are a great way to learn about the latest developments in On-line Identity technologies and get engaged in the work of the OpenID Foundation.  The objective of the OpenID Foundation summits is to provide an overview of the benefits of open standard identity platform solutions including OpenID, OAuth, Portable Contacts, Activity Streams, Open Social, etc.   Additionally, technology and solution providers will be soliciting input and feedback on how these technologies should evolve to provide further benefits to partners and their customers. Attendees are OpenID thought leaders, OpenID Foundation members and OpenID Technology and Service Providers. We plan to create a blog report and whitepaper from each summit.

Typical Agenda:

  1. Introductions
  2. Keynote Presentations by OIDF Members and representative technology/solution providers including Google, FaceBook, Microsoft, Yahoo, and others
  3. Presentations covering objectives, results, and lessons learned
  4. Breakout sessions/working group meetings
  5. Discussion and feedback
  6. Lunch and networking

2011 OIDF Upcoming Summit Schedule

OpenID AsiaPac Technology Summit hosted by NRI in Tokyo, Japan December 1, 2011

2011 OIDF Past Summits

OpenID Policy Summit sponsored by OIX in Washington DC January 18, 2011
OpenID Retail Summit hosted by PayPal in San Jose, CA March 8, 2011
OpenID Security Summit co-hosted by Symantec and Google in Mountain View, CA May 2
OpenID Technology Summit at EIC co-sponsored by Google and Microsoft in Munich, Germany May 10, 2011
OpenID Enterprise Summit hosted by Ping Identity in Colorado July 19, 2011
OpenID Connect Technology Summit co-hosted by Microsoft and Google In Mountain View, CA September 12-13, 2011
OpenID Connect Summit October 17, 2011 Hosted by AOL