Get an OpenID®

Surprise! You may already have an OpenID.

If you use any of the following services, you already have your own OpenID. Below are instructions on how to sign in with each of the following providers on an OpenID enabled website. (When you see bold text, you should replace it with your own username or screenname on that service.)


Look for the “Sign in with a Google Account” button or use your Google Profile URL.


Look for the “Sign in with Yahoo” button.

Yahoo! Japan

Look for the “Yahoo! JAPAN IDでログイン” button.


Enter “”


Click the “Sign in with Hyves” button.


Enter your blog URL: “”


Look for the “Sign in with Yahoo” button or use your photostream URL


Click the “Sign in with Orange” button or enter “”


mixi is a web service that allows users to communicate with their friends and acquaintances.


Look for the “Login with MySpaceID” button or enter “


Enter your URL, for example: “”


Symantec’s Personal Identity Provider is an OpenID provider with support for multi-factor authentication.


Look for a “Sign in with AOL” button or enter “

Roll Your Own

Of course, you can always use your own URI, blog URL or website as your OpenID. Delegation is the simplest way to get up and running with OpenID. Delegation requires nothing more than an OpenID Provider and some basic HTML. If you want to host your own OpenID Provider, you can use a service provider like Janrain or if you have coding experience, check out our page for Developers.