Help make OpenID a global phenomenon.

The OpenID community goes wherever the web goes — and has become a worldwide effort to promote digital identity and choice on the web.

In order to promote the further adoption of OpenID around the world, the Foundation encourages
the creation of member chapters — both large and small.

OpenID chapters are officially part of the Foundation and work within their own constituency to support our mission of fostering and promoting the development and adoption of OpenID as a framework for user-centric identity on the Internet.

If you wish to start a local chapter in your country or join an established community please get in touch.

Local Chapter Policy

The following local chapters policy was approved by the OIDF Board on May 8, 2008:

Independent Organizations

Local Chapters (“Chapters”) are independent of the OpenID Foundation (“OIDF”) itself and thus can either be informal organizations or formal legal entities, which is a decision left to the Chapter organizers.


Organizations must apply to the OIDF for recognition as a Local Chapter by sending an email to In this email, Chapters must signify their agreement to the terms of this policy and supply: a) contact information for the organizers, b) the URL that the OIDF should use when listing the chapter, c) a description of the region or community that the organization serves, and d) the name of the chapter.


Chapters will clearly inform their members and prospective members that membership in the Local Chapter does not grant them membership in the OIDF and will encourage their members to also join OIDF.

Leadership Team

Chapters must be headed by a designated leadership team, composed of at least three people.

Internet Site

Chapters should have their own web site, listing events and news. This Chapter-sponsored web site is the responsibility of the chapter organizers, not of the OIDF staff or volunteers.

Intellectual Property

Chapters must agree that any intellectual property or trademarks developed or held by the Chapter must be freely available for use to the OpenID Community; in particular, they must agree that any intellectual property or trademarks developed or held by the local chapter must either be owned by OIDF, jointly owned by the OIDF, or licensed to the OIDF under terms that allow OIDF to use them in whatever way it sees fit, including sublicensing to others under terms of its choosing. The one exception to this policy is that a Chapter may have a Chapter logo or mark that is only available to members of that Chapter, provided that that logo or mark does not infringe the OpenID trademark.


Chapters must agree that all Chapter activities are focused on fostering the widespread adoption and use of OpenID and in support of the OIDF’s mission statement.


Chapters must operate independently, with no expectation of receiving funds from OIDF. However, they may apply to the OIDF board for funding of specific activities or events, and these requests will be considered on their merits.

Activities Report

Chapters must exhibit “liveness”. At least every year the Chapter’s leaders must report to the Local Chapters Committee on their chapter activities. Meetings are good. Evidence of an active mailing list is sufficient.

Listing of Chapters

OIDF will list the Chapters on in a geographically organized list, providing contact information and links to the Chapter sites.

Nondiscriminatory Acceptance

All proposed Chapters agreeing to abide by the Local Chapters Policy will be accepted as Local Chapters by the OIDF.


OIDF will recognize any proposed eligible Local Chapters, regardless of the geographic scope of the chapter, including chapters with overlapping territories and missions.

Non-Exclusive Relationships

Chapters are free to maintain relationships and partnerships with other organizations and to maintain their own memberships, provided that the purpose and conduct of those relationships is consistent with this Local Chapters Policy.

Local Chapters Committee

OIDF may authorize a Local Chapters Committee. This committee must be composed of at least one Chapter leader and at least one OIDF board member.

Chapter Removal

If a Chapter has violated the Chapters Policy (e.g.: if a Chapter does not report its activities or pursues activities in conflict with its mission to promote OpenID) and the violation has not been corrected and completely resolved within 3 months after written notice by OIDF, OIDF can remove that Chapter from its listings. The OIDF Board may delegate the authority to de-list a chapter with cause to the Local Chapters Committees. A Chapter may appeal the committee’s decision to the board. A Chapter may also request to be de-listed.

Changes to the Local Chapters Policy

If the OIDF alters the Local Chapters Policy it will notify Local Chapter leaders of the change. Following notification, the Local Chapter leaders will have 90 days to reply to the Local Chapters Committee either accepting the revised policy or stating why they are unwilling to operate under the revised policy. Should they not accept the revised policy, the OIDF will record the policy version under which the Chapter was admitted and allow that chapter to continue operating under that policy, except in cases where the board determines that substantial legal risk or financial harm would be incurred by the OIDF or that damage to OpenID would result. Failure to formally opt out of the revised policy within 90 days of the change will be deemed acceptance of the new policy.