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OIDF Board Election Announcement

This is to announce the third election of OpenID Foundation community board members. The Foundation plays an important role in the evolution of Internet identity technologies. Its focus has been driving OpenID adoption through improvements in UX, data management, and helping relying parties and identity providers expand into new application areas. […]

2009 Board Election Results

I’m pleased to report the 2009 board election results (listing candidates and number of votes received) are as follows: Elected to serve 2-year terms: Brian Kissel 112 Marc Frons 75 Allen Tom 65 Elected to serve 1-year terms: Joseph Smarr 60 Daniel Jacobson 57 John Bradley 52 Not elected: Dick […]

Community Board Member Election Announcement 1

The OpenID Foundation is holding its second election of community board members starting Monday, November 23. For this election, six community board seats are open for election. An FAQ has been posted on Of the current community directors, Mr. Kveton has indicated he will not serve another term. Mr. […]