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Industry Leaders Lead: Google Asks Developers to Migrate from OpenID 2.0 to OpenID Connect 1

In 2015, waves of disruption are coursing through the Internet identity ecosystem as standard development organizations, companies and governments look to bolster the security and privacy of the information they are charged with protecting. Implementing the latest open standards is one of the many practical steps identity providers and relying […]

Yahoo!, PayPal, Google, Equifax, AOL, VeriSign, Acxiom, Citi, Privo, Wave Systems Pilot Open Identity for Open Government 19

Gov 2.0 Conference – Washington, D.C. — September 9, 2009 — Ten industry leaders — Yahoo!, PayPal, Google, Equifax, AOL, VeriSign, Acxiom, Citi, Privo and Wave Systems — announced today they will support the first pilot programs designed for the American public to engage in open government — government that is […]

Google and JanRain Release Support for the OpenID User Interface Extension 5

This morning, Google released an upgrade to their OpenID Provider to support the draft OpenID User Interface Extension along with JanRain who added support for it to their Relying Party service RPX. This means that Google users signing into sites like UserVoice (choose “Google” to see it in action) now […]

Preventing Mix-Up Attacks with OpenID Connect

Recently the OAuth community has been concerned with some attack vectors around mixed up clients, particularly when dynamic client registration and discovery are used with user-selected OpenID Providers. Broadly, the attacks consist of using dynamic client registration, or the compromise of an OpenID Provider (OP), to trick the Relying Party […]

Fast Federation (FastFed) WG

About Charter Status Repository What is the Fast Federation (FastFed) WG?   Overview The purpose of this Working Group is to develop a meta-data document specification, APIs, and workflow to enable an administrator to federate an identity provider and a hosted application that supports one or more of OpenID Connect, SAML, and SCIM and enable […]

Executed Contribution Agreements

Use the following key to search for the WG. ALLWG – All Working Groups. Wild Card Participants. AB/C – AB/Connect WG ACWG – Account Chooser WG Heart – HEART WG iGov – iGov WG Modrna – Modrna WG (Mobile WG) CX – Contract Exchange WG Napps – Native Applications WG […]

Financial API (FAPI) WG

About Charter Status Repository What is the Financial API (FAPI) WG?   Overview In many cases, Fintech services such as aggregation services uses screen scraping and stores user passwords. This model is both brittle and insecure. To cope with the brittleness, it should utilize an API model with structured data […]

Software Grant and Contribution License Agreement

In order to clarify the intellectual property license granted with Contributions from any person or entity, the OpenID Foundation (“OIDF) must have a Contribution License Agreement (CLA) on file that has been signed by each Contributor, indicating agreement to the license terms. This license is for your protection as a […]