MySpace announces support for OpenID 9

On Tuesday of this week, popular social networking site MySpace announced support for OpenID and integration with their Data Availability initiative.

MySpace is launching as an OpenID provider to begin with bringing the grand total of OpenID enabled users on the Internet to well over 500 million users.

What’s interesting to note about this announcement as well is that MySpace is now layering additional, value-added services on top of the OpenID that make it even more compelling. This is an exciting time for OpenID and its clear the momentum is only just starting to pick up.

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9 thoughts on “MySpace announces support for OpenID

  • Sam Alexander

    This is great. GREAT.

    Yeah, yeah, yeah, we NEED reliers, it’s true. But MySpace is a monumental catch. The more OpenID is “out there” the more intense the social pressure will become to support it. This, to me, is a sign that the force of OpenID as an idea has yet to be slowed.

    The MySpace user base may be the most “un-tech” crowd of them all, and introducing them to OpenID is a huge step to overcoming for the user experience hurdles that seem to prevent others from adopting. The less foreign OpenID becomes to The Normals, the better it is for Everyone.

    And once one of these user-silo giants implements OpenID reliance in a way that adds value for them, you can be sure the others will follow.

  • Olga

    it doesn’t work, informing me about the new 2.0 version of this splendid service…lol… russians are out of yahoo service… as always…

  • woody green

    this is a great news! finally myspace use openID. it will be great for everyone! the best social bookmarking community is now openned to everyone. i suggest to the other social bookmarking for following myspace. openID now rules!

  • Jay Heiser

    Its not a ‘catch’ until MySpace allows OpenID logins. A huge number of MySpace users already have accounts somewhere on the Internet with an existing OpenID provider, virtually none of which actually allow you to login from some other provider.

    All this means is that there are definitely a half billion people with OpenID capability who don’t actually have any practical ability to use it.

    That seems like such a huge shame.

    Once FaceBook, MySpace, Amazon, eBay, PayPal, Wikipedia, Yahoo, WordPress, etc, start supporting OpenID logins, then the Internet will truly be a more convenient place.

    Willingness to be a Relying Party would be news. That would be a big catch. I hope it happens.

  • Mark Guadalupe

    Soon, once every apps online is on OpenID, even authentication of your identity in International Airports will be on OpenID, so let us all take advantage of this. ;)

  • Nigel Gough

    the only hope for the other ID service – Live ID is probably Facebook and/ or Bebo but Facebook has its Facebook Connect for sites upcoming so got no big rush.

    If Microsoft had there wish of “Microhoo” merger with Yahoo (although they prefered the search) a Microsoft owned Yahoo would been interesting as Yahoo and Microsoft services might gained some open-id or some ‘understanding’ that lead to the ID wars to end. it also were possible Yahoo (owned by Microsoft “Microhoo”) would opt out of open id and go with Live ID *disappointing – just want 1 single system*

    Likewise there talks Microsoft wants Facebook – so as both is “buddies” – there could be Open ID use.

    When bebo was not AOL owned (uses open id) and were independant bebo were neutral to Microsoft/ Windows Live, Skype and AIM/AOL but acquiring by AOL now makes the other 2 services lesser likely to be prefered. but developer platform wise Bebo is a repackaged Facebook (possible leen towards MS and Live ID if were to ‘take sides’

  • Tim Longhurst

    Yeah, agree that this is good news for MySpace’s non-tech users to get into OpenID… Can’t imagine Facebook’s in a hurry to join in the fun, though…