Thanks TechCrunch for Supporting Us! 7

Last week PopSugar and TechCrunch hosted a party in Los Angeles and managed to raise an incredible $13,250 to donate to to charity which they’ve graciously decided to split evenly between the working group and the OpenID Foundation. We’re thrilled by their continuing support of the OpenID community and will use this money to continue furthering OpenID adoption and education around the World.

Already over the past year the Foundation has helped to establish an intellectual property policy to ensure that all OpenID specifications remain free to implement, got OpenID 2.0 out the door, hosted an OpenID DevCamp in San Francisco, co-sponsored the Social Graph FooCamp, grew the board to include Google, IBM, Microsoft, VeriSign, and Yahoo!, and started work to form local chapters of the Foundation.

Thanks to this incredibly generous donation, this year you’ll continue to see the Foundation fostering development communities around the World and pushing forward specifications, best practices and increasing general education around OpenID.

We can’t thank TechCrunch enough for supporting us.

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7 thoughts on “Thanks TechCrunch for Supporting Us!

  • Charlie

    One thing that would really help OpenID right now, I think, would be to build and promote an OpenID tool for Google App Engine.

    App Engine proivdes Google Accounts as an easy service for user authentication. If you create an app using that, and you want to leave the GoogleCloud for another platform, all those Google accounts of your users aren’t coming with you.

    There’s an opportunity for these apps to use OpenID instead, if there’s a working tool they can drop in, that will work with Google’s Data Store. Good tutorials, documentation, screencasts, that sort of thing, would go a long way!

  • Jacquelon Manion

    I have an AOL account but do not know how to use OpenID with my AOL screen name. I tried “”. However it takes me to “”. Is this where I am suppose to start?

  • Henrik

    i’m with Charlie… i’m developing for App Engine right now. If I could just drop in OpenID I’d do it in a heartbeat i think many people would.